Sizing Charts

Considerations for Body Measurement

Questions many of you have are:

  • How do I measure my body when I want to buy one of HJC's clothing products?
  • Will it fit me?
  • I like what I see but I am afraid to buy?
  • Its such a hassle to ship it back if I don't like it.
  • How do I get my money back if I return it?

Here is some information that maybe help you with some tips to measure your body correctly alone in your home and to have it fit well and be happy when the package arrives at your door.

First, you have to be careful as there are a lot of types of clothes out there and thousands of web stores. What you have to keep in mind is to buy the right clothes for you, because you need to remember the photos you see on the internet are photoshopped.  Photographers use light, angle, models, and all the tricks to make the clothes look fabulous. I can guarantee the clothes will never look the same on your body as the model in the product picture as she has gone through makeup, hair styling and usually has a perfect 90-60-90 body.  The product models are more than likely to be on a diet and engage in full time athletic training!  So don't be disappointed when your clothes look different on you than the photos on the internet.  This is normal, but remember if you are heavy don't ever buy balloon types dresses, if your thin don't buy clothes with ruffles, if you have big shoulders don’t’ wear thin stripes, if you have short legs avoid skirts, and other basic rules that you probably already knew.

This is how a body looks in reality with the various sizes.  Use this comparison to help you in your selection of HJC's clothing.

Size chart:

Here is a chart for bust, hips, and waist as well as the usual height, but its just an average and its not all the same with different brands.

Body Descriptions:

Here is a clue how to measure your own existing clothes collection that fit well so you can compare to online store measurements.

I hope this information helps you and makes it easier for you to decide what to buy from a web store.


Credit:  Gloria Agostina