Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why do you need my cell number? Answer:  Many clients no longer check their email (or snail mail) on a regular basis, so HJC's will be using it for sending you a quick text when you order is ready. 

Question:  When will my order be ready for pick-up?  Answer: For pick-ups, I will need to first pick and package.  So I will email you when it is ready for pick-up.  Usually one or two days depending on location and sizing.


Question:  Any deals for large orders?  Answer:   Free Shipping on orders over $100!  Its automatic in the checkout process.

Question:  Why do I need to set up an account with my address?  Answer:  The very nature of an online store is to ship products to your house, therefore we must have your shipping details including name to put on the package.  For pickups, we don't need your address per say, but we cannot 'turn the option off' due to stability within the site.  So, sorry but in order to buy on this site, we ask you set up an account with proper info.  Thanks in advance.