Commercial Accounts

Using our commercial services is not just for bulk coverall orders or large purchases, its also for every small business that has employee's where clothing is an important part of the corporate image and includes services like corporate logo embroidery or silk screening.  The process is simple - call us to set up your business by providing some basic information and your done.  Restrictions are you must be incorporated and proof must be presented.

Employee's will get the same great benefits as large corporations such as extended discounts, promotions, and rewards.  The employee can pay directly at time of sale, or we can invoice your business directly with standard terms. 

One side note is these accounts are intended for workwear, uniforms, or professional office attire and do not include fashion items such as evening dresses, casual wear, kids clothing, and others. 

As all purchases will be associated with your business you'll have access to accounting reports such as yearly costs, employee spend totals and more.