Bitcoin, Altcoins and Token Payments


Just a little info on which cryptocurrencies are accepted at HJC's


Short Answer:  All of them!


Long Answer:  Although we generally accept any cryptocurrency, there are some that we do not and this list is constantly changing.  The reasons for limiting the types of tokens or altcoins is a function of wallet stability of said coin/token.  The good news is there are websites that can convert numerous coins in other coins without accounts or exchange setups. and are just two that you can use them if your altcoin of choice is unpopular or having issues.  Therefore, send an email after you go through checkout and let us know the Bitcoin or altcoin of choice and I will personally do my best to secure a wallet to accept them.  This does mean that we will have to back and forth a bit, but due to the constantly changing landscape of cryptocurrency, I believe it worth both of our time to explore payment systems like these.

Just go through the checkout process and choose the bitcoin and crypto payment option and we will send an email with our wallet address, then you can transfer the funds as required.


For more information about this topic, give me a call or email us.

Gerry Lamarche