About HJC's

Honest Jane’s Clothier 


Honest John’s Clothes


HJC’s is a multilayer company with three main facilities offering a variety of services.

Retail: HJC’s in Lamont is a traditional brick and mortar store located in the small town of Lamont, one hours drive east of Edmonton.  Its a variety store with a focus on fashion and other things that are useful in a small town. This website is a mirror of our store.

Café: Our open air café is located on the sidewalk outside our clothing store where coffee, tea, and snacks are served on Saturday's between 10am and 2pm. 

Farm:  Located near Bruderheim, HJC’s works toward food security, niche products, healthy fish, and chemical free produce.  Products are available for purchase here.

 Celebrating Four Years Of Honesty in the Heartland