Website Redesign

We hope you enjoy our new navigation menu's on this site as we have removed the products in terms of photo's, pricing, and description.  This was done for number of reasons, but in general we did not have the sales volume to warrant the labour to inventory, take photo's and price with the Shopify site.  

Now the site reflects the service we offer and are instead encouraging you to visit our brick and motor location or call us for phone sales.

All the same products are still available, just not itemized on the website.

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  • Cameron Tabarez - April 16, 2020

    We cannot do without this


    You will be surprised how low prices can be. We have almost everything you might need.

    Hot Sales 25% :

    - Women Tops
    - Board Shorts
    - Phone Bags & Cases
    - Networking
    - Camera & Photo
    - Wedding & Engagement Jewelry
    - Personal Care Appliances
    - Bags & Shoes
    - Outdoor Fun & Sports
    - Team Sports
    - Beauty Essentials
    - Home Improvement

    You can see even more here:

    The best offer on the market. Best price and fast delivery.

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